Migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft .NET

Modernize your Lotus Notes applications by migrating to .NET


What We Do?


Several companies are migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365. To support your investment in Microsoft platform, we offer our migration service from Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft .NET.

Our Services

We develop Microsoft .NET web applications with responsive design. We expand the functionality of your old Lotus Notes applications and improve their interface.

We Care your Data

In addition to modernizing old Lotus databases, we migrate Notes documents to SharePoint or Microsoft SQL Server so your company does not lose its data history.

Expand Functionality!

For years, Lotus Notes has had functional limitations that have never been resolved, but with our experience plus the .NET platform, we have solved them by delivering modern applications. Your old Lotus Notes applications in .NET can be enriched and the limits of integration may be expanded by connecting to other platforms and adding mobile functions.


We know what your company needs

For more than 24 years, we have worked developing workflow, document management and collaboration applications in Lotus Notes for mid-sized and large companies. In 2015, we found ourselves with the scenario that many of our customers decided to abandon Lotus Notes and migrate to Microsoft Office 365.
Based on this situation, we have focused on developing .NET solutions.

We migrate existing Lotus Notes applications with minimal input from the business and without a large requirement for end user retraining.

Migrate your Notes documents to SharePoint/.NET

We offer an "out-of-the-box" service to migrate your Notes documents to SharePoint or to a .NET web repository. We have our own tools to extract meta-data and attachments from Notes and upload them to SharePoint lists or to a modern .NET application.

We develop software for large enterprises

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How We Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

SharePoint, Power Apps o .NET?
Simple Lotus Notes applications can be migrated to SharePoint or Power Apps, but for complex applications is better to go to .NET.
We review the functionality of your Lotus Notes databases and suggest which is the best migration alternative.
How can I get started?
Send us your Lotus Notes database with some sample documents and we will review the functionality and send back our quote to migrate it to Microsoft Platform.
What is needed to implement a solution in .NET?
You need a dedicated web server with these software:

• Windows Server 2012 or 2016
• .NET Framework (free)
• Internet Information Server (IIS)
• SQL Server 2012/2017 or another RDBMS
How does user login work in a .NET application?
If the .NET application server is connected to the company's Windows Network, users log in through Active Directory.
Otherwise, users log in using their e-mail and a password that is managed within the system.
Do the applications require some maintenance? Is there any associated cost?
Our applications require low maintenance. We do not usually charge any monthly fee for maintenance.
Could you migrate the Notes documents to Microsoft?
Yes, we migrate the Lotus Notes documents and attachments to SharePoint or Microsoft SQL Server.
Could you manage projects in other countries?
We can handle any project regardless of location.
Our consultants will travel as needed, but generally we deliver our solutions remotely using standard tools.

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